Interactive IRUG Spectrum


IRUG filename:
Data type:
IRUG material class:
Minerals and pigments (MP)
Sample type:
Reference material
Common name(s):
Chemical/botanical name(s):
Anhydrous normal carbonate (class), calcite (mineral group)
Sample source 1:
Otter Shoot
Source location 1:
Kambalda, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
Sample source 2:
British Museum
Source location 2:
Great Russell Street, London, WC1B-3DG, UK
Sample identifier 2:
Sample source 3:
The Natural History Museum, National Museums of Scotland
Source location 3:
Cromwell Road, London, SW7 5BD, UK, Edinburgh, UK
Green, pale, yellow
Forms series w/ magnesite, specimens w/ high nickel and low iron are rare, many are magnesian or nickeloan magnesite, this specimen is close to ideal formula NiCO3, compare w/ Suhner (5-29 A), and Kohls, which relate to zincian and magnesian species
Transmission FTIR spectroscopy
Literature Reference:
Jones, G. C., and B. Jackson. Infrared Transmission Spectra of Carbonate Minerals. London: Chapman & Hall, 1993., Kohls, D. W., and J. L. Rodda. "Gaspeite, (Ni,MG,Fe)(CO3) a New Carbonate from the Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec." American Mineralogist 51.5, 6 (1966): 677-84., White, W. B. "The Carbonate Minerals." The Infrared Spectra of Minerals. Ed. V. C. Farmer. Monograph 4 ed. London: Mineralogical Society of London, 1974. 227-84.
Originating institution name:
Natural History Museum, National Museums of Scotland
Originating institution acronym:
Linear formula:
Other analytical methods:
EDS (Ni:Mg=1:<0.1 with trace Fe), SEM, XRD (6705F NHM std)