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IRUG filename:
Data type:
IRUG material class:
Organic dyes and pigments (OD)
Sample type:
Reference material
Common name(s):
Pigment Yellow 129 (PY129), Metal Complex, Polycyclic, CI48042
Trade name(s):
Irgazin Gelb, grunstichig, Irgazin Yellow, greenish
CAS name:
Copper, [1-[[[2-(hydroxy-κO)phenyl]imino-κN]methyl]-2-naphthalenolato(2-)-κO]-
Sample source 1:
Kremer Pigmente GmbH
Source location 1:
Hauptstr. 41-47, Aichstetten, DE
Sample identifier 1:
Irgazin Gelb, grunstichig, 23330
Sample source 2:
Bern University of the Arts, Art Technological Laboratory
Source location 2:
Fellerstrasse 11, CH-3027 Bern, Switzerland
Sample identifier 2:
MW (relative):
324.82, calculated
Raman microscopy/microspectroscopy
Excitation source (nm):
Literature Reference:
Scherrer, Nadim C., Zumbuehl Stefan, Delavy Francoise, Fritsch Annette, and Kuehnen Renate. "Synthetic Organic Pigments of the 20th and 21st Century Relevant to Artist's Paints: Raman Spectra Reference Collection." Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 73.3 (2009): 505-24.
Originating institution name:
Bern University of the Arts (BUA), Art Technological Laboratory
Originating institution acronym:
Molecular formula:
C17 H11 Cu N O2
CAS registry no:

Related Structure(s)

IRUG Structure Tracking #: 119
Common Name(s): Pigment Yellow 129 (PY129); Metal Complex; CI48042
Chemical Name(s): 2-Naphthalenol, 1-[[(2-hydroxyphenyl)imino]methyl]-, copper complex
CAS Name: Copper, [1-​[[[2-​(hydroxy-​κO)​phenyl]​imino-​κN]​methyl]​-​2-​naphthalenolato(2-​)​-​κO]​-
CAS Registry No: 15680-42-9
IRUG Material Class: Organic dyes and pigments (OD)
Molecular Formula: C17 H11 Cu N O2
MW: 324.82