Interactive IRUG Spectrum


IRUG filename:
Data type:
IRUG material class:
Minerals and pigments (MP)
Sample type:
Art object / artifact
Common name(s):
Gypsum and calcite mixture in ground preparation layer
Chemical/botanical name(s):
Calcium sulfate dihydrate, calcium carbonate
CAS name:
Gypsum (Ca(SO4)​.2H2O), Calcite (Ca(CO3)​)
Sample source 1:
Vincenzo Foppa, Virgin and Child before a Landscape, Philadelphia Museum of Art, John G. Johnson Collection, Cat. 257
Source location 1:
Box 7646, Philadelphia, PA, 19101, US
Sample identifier 1:
Sample 6, ground preparation layer
Off-white, medium, translucent
15th C., dated, naturally aged
MFTIR (Fourier transform infrared microspectroscopy)
Literature Reference:
Price, B. A., T. A. Lignelli, and J. H. Carlson. "Investigating Foppa: Painting Materials and Structure." Art Et Chimie, La Couleur: Actes Du Congrès. By Jacques Goupy and Jean-Pierre Mohen. Paris: CNRS Éd., 2000. 209-12. Print., Lignelli, Teresa A., and Beth A. Price. "The History and Technique of Foppa Paintings in the Philadelphia Museum of Art." Vincenzo Foppa: Tecniche D'esecuzione, Indagini E Restauri. Ed. Capella Massimiliano. Milano: Skira, 2002. 133-46. Print.
Originating institution name:
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Originating institution acronym:
Linear formula:
CaSO4*2H2O (gypsum), CaCO3 (calcite)
CAS registry no:
13397-24-5 (gypsum), 13397-26-7 (calcite)
Other analytical methods:
EPMA (electron probe microanalysis), XRD (x-ray diffraction)