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IRUG filename:
Data type:
IRUG material class:
Organic dyes and pigments (OD)
Sample type:
Reference material
Common name(s):
Pigment Violet 23 (PV23), Dioxazine, Polycyclic, CI51319
Trade name(s):
Permanent Violet RL extra powder (86 4 053), Permanentviolett RL extra Pulver (86 4 053)
CAS name:
Diindolo[2,​3-​c:2',​3'-​n]​triphenodioxazine, 9,​19-​dichloro-​5,​15-​diethyl-​5,​15-​dihydro-
Sample source 1:
Farbwerke Hoechst AG
Sample identifier 1:
Permanentviolett RL extra Pulver (86 4 053), Permanent Violet RL extra powder (86 4 053)
Sample source 2:
Technological Collection of the Institute of the Science & Technology in Art (ISTA Collection)
Source location 2:
Academy of Fine Arts, Schillerplatz 3, A-1010, Vienna, AT
Sample identifier 2:
Inv. No. 1297, Permanentviolett RL extra Pulver (86 4 053)
Bluish violet
MFTIR (Fourier transform infrared microspectroscopy)
Originating institution name:
Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna
Originating institution acronym:
Molecular formula:
C34 H22 Cl2 N4 O2
CAS registry no:
Other analytical methods:
XRF (x-ray fluorescence)

Related Structure(s)

IRUG Structure Tracking #: 317
Common Name(s): Pigment Violet 23 (PV23); Dioxazine; CI51319
CAS Name: Diindolo[2,​3-​c:2',​3'-​n]​triphenodioxazine, 9,​19-​dichloro-​5,​15-​diethyl-​5,​15-​dihydro-
CAS Registry No: 215247-95-3
IRUG Material Class: Organic dyes and pigments (OD)
Molecular Formula: C34 H22 Cl2 N4 O2
MW: 589.47