Conferences, Meetings & Workshops

IRUG events encourage professional development and foster community. Please join us at the next conference.

IRUG 15 Conference & Workshop on IR Reflectance Spectroscopy

Location(s): Tokyo National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo, Japan

Date: 26-29 September 2023

Host(s): Tokyo University of the Arts (Geidai), Tokyo National Research Institute for Cultural Properties (Tobunken)

Organizer: Masahiko Tsukada, Boris Pretzel

IRUG 14 Conference - Virtual Event

Location(s): The Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, Amersfoort, Netherlands

Date: Wednesday, June 2 to Friday, June 4, 2021, with half-day sessions from 14.00 to 18.30 CET/CEST (8:00 am - 12:30 pm ET).

Host(s): The Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands

Organizer: Suzan de Groot

Documents: <irug14-conference-provisional-program.pdf>

IRUG14 was held in honor of P. Andrew Lins (1945-2019), former chair of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Conservation Department, and highly accomplished conservator, scientist and renowned expert on metals and corrosion. Andrew played a pivotal role in founding and supporting IRUG in the early 1990s, enabling IRUG to expand its presence on an international level.

IRUG 11 Conference

Location(s): Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, US

Date: 5-7 November 2014

Host(s): Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA)

Organizer: Richard Newman, Michele Derrick

Documents: <irug-11-announcement-mfa-boston-nov-2014.pdf> , <irug-abstracts.pdf> , <general-information.docx> , <irug-program.pdf>

IRUG Raman Spectroscopy Workshop

Location(s): Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA, US

Date: 26-28 September 2012

Host(s): Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA), IRUG

Organizer: Beth Price, Andrew Lins

Documents: <irug-raman-workshop-presentations-sept-2012.pdf> , <irug-9-27-am-20120927-090810.mp4>

IRUG 10 Conference

Location(s): CaixaForum, Barcelona, ES

Date: 28-31 March 2012

Host(s): University of Barcelona (UB), Department of Analytical Chemistry

Organizer: Jose F. Garcia

Documents: <program_2.pdf> , <surrounding-museum-and-restaurant-information.pdf>

IRUG 9 Conference

Location(s): University of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, AR

Date: 3-6 March 2010

Host(s): University of Buenos Aires, Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences (UBA-FCEyN)

Organizer: Marta Maier

Documents: <second-announcement.pdf>

IRUG 7 Conference

Location(s): Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY, US

Date: 28-31 March 2006

Host(s): Museum of Modern Art (MOMA)

Organizer: Chris McGlinchey

Documents: <2000-code-keys.pdf> , <irug-db-reviewers-meeting-program.pdf> , <irug-7-2006.pdf> , <program_1.pdf>

IRUG 6 Conference

Location(s): Palazzo Incontri, Florence, IT

Date: 29 March – 1 April 2004

Host(s): Institute of Applied Physics “Nello Carrara" - National Research Council (IFAC-CNR)

Organizer: Marcello Picollo

Documents: <program.pdf> , <irug-6.pdf>

IRUG 5 Conference

Location(s): Getty Conservation Institute, Los Angeles, CA, US

Date: 4-8 March 2002

Host(s): Getty Conservation Institute (GCI)

Organizer: Herant Khanjian

Documents: <irug-5-folder-cover.pdf> , <irug-5-conference-program-and-abstracts-2002.pdf>

IRUG 3 Conference

Location(s): Winterthur Museum, Gardens and Library, Winterthur, DE, US

Date: 28-30 May 1998

Host(s): Winterthur Museum, Gardens and Library (WM)

Organizer: Janice Carlson

Documents: <irug3-program-abstracts_2.pdf>

IRUG 2 Conference

Location(s): Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK

Date: 12-13 September 1995

Host(s): Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A)

Organizer: Boris Pretzel

Documents: <irug-2-postprints.pdf> , <irug-2-programme-abstracts-and-biographies.pdf>

IRUG 1 Conference

Location(s): Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA, US

Date: 24-25 March 1994

Host(s): Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA), Getty Conservation Institute (GCI)

Organizer: Beth Price, Michele Derrick

Documents: <irug-1-program-abstracts_3.pdf>