About the IRUG Spectral Database Initiative

The IRUG Spectral Database is an ongoing compilation of IR and Raman reference spectra of artists' and cultural heritage materials contributed by Individuals and Institutions in the international cultural heritage community and academia.

The database currently contains over 3,350 peer-reviewed spectra. Material types represented are carbohydrates, minerals/inorganic pigments, mixtures, natural resins, oils/fats, organic dyes/pigments, proteinaceous materials, synthetic resins, unclassified materials, and waxes.

Spectra are formatted in an IRUG customized JCAMP-DX format incorporating numerical data and text (sample, instrument, and analysis details). Each file is a platform-independent, complete data record that can be opened with any text editor or instrument software equipped with a JCAMP translator.

Spectra are publicly viewable, keyword searchable and printable. Digital file downloads of all spectra are available to not-for-profit institutions and individuals contributing 10 or more accepted spectra or reference materials. Contributors license their accepted spectra to IRUG for compilation and distribution while retaining copyright on their own spectra.

IRUG continues to solicit IR and Raman spectra and materials, especially those not well represented in the database. Spectral files may be submitted via the IRUG web site. To participate, register online to create an account. Contact the chairperson for your region for more information,.